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Manuel Neyra is the principal attorney at J. Manuel Neyra, PA. His practice focuses on personal injury, insurance claims and criminal defense. Attorney J. Manuel Neyra was a police officer, a City State Attorney and graduated as a lawyer in 1999 from St. Thomas University School of Law. He is fluent in English and Spanish. J. Manuel Neyra, PA is a law firm assisting clients with their legal issues both within the state of Florida and throughout the United States. The firm has successfully brought to resolution personal injury , insurance claims and criminal defense throughout the state. J. Manuel Neyra, PA is conveniently located in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Our bi-lingual, highly trained legal staff is ready to help you in every phase of your case. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you through this difficult time, please contact our Florida office today at (813) 442-8744. We provide our clients with legal solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs. We offer a free initial consultation and look forward to prospective clients contacting our office to schedule their consultation.


If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’ve come to the right place! Call us 24/7 for your free case evaluation.
At J. Manuel Neyra, PA, our top-rated personal injury attorneys will meet with you one-on-one to discuss what has happened and explain how we can help. An experienced injury lawyer will work directly with you to ensure your claim is properly handled and all your needs are met. Our dedicated legal team will act quickly to identify all potential sources of compensation and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. All the while, you can feel comfortable knowing that you owe us nothing until we recover money for you.


Losing a loved one leaves a vacancy in your life that nothing will fill. Worse, you may find yourself with gaping holes in your finances as you struggle to replace your loved one’s income and the services he performed for your family. While a wrongful death claim cannot fill the gaps in your life, it can provide you with financial assistance as you cope with this difficult time.
Did you lose a loved one due to another party’s negligence in Florida? The Florida Wrongful Death J. Manuel Neyra, PA wants to listen to you and help. Call us today at 813-442-8744.


When you are accused of a crime, you will be up against the police and the prosecutor, both with the single goal of securing a criminal conviction. Often times, you will find yourself in front of a judge that seems genuinely intent on assisting the police and the prosecutors in reaching this goal. You need someone on your side who knows how to fight back against the system. Attorney Manuel Neyra has two decades of experience.
He knows how the Florida court system works.
Our crime attorneys will help. Call us today at 813-442-8744.