Getting arrested by the police and facing a criminal charge is an incredibly nerve wracking and scary ordeal. The Law Office of J. Manuel Neyra, P.A. We understand that We are here to make the process as painless as possible. Your future is the most important thing to us and We do not want an arrest or a criminal charge to affect the rest of your life. There are too many attorneys out there who do not understand the human element of this job. We do. We understand that you are afraid about your future or what will happen to your family or children. We are there with you. We will fight for your future.

I We do not look at our clients like a task to deal with. We look at them as a friend who needs our help. When We are first hired on a case, We start working right away. We start our own investigation. We subpoena any and all information We can get, such as surveillance cameras and 911 phone calls. You would be surprised how the 911 call or surveillance video prove that the allegation made by the State’s Attorney’s Office are false or overly inflated.

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney who won’t turn his back on you. Who will put in the extra mile and who will fight till the end, We are your firm to choose.